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Family Practice

Dr. Ren with a patient and her mother

Family Practice & Kid-Focused Naturopathy

Here at Lumos Medical Center, we provide primary care for the whole family. From pediatric to geriatric age, we are trained to take care of you at any age. It is very common for us to see everyone in the entire family!


Primary care is the day-to-day medical care that you receive.  Your primary care practitioner is usually the first person you call with new symptoms or health concerns.  We are trained as primary care physicians with a focus on family medicine. Our doctorates in Naturopathic Medicine make us well suited to diagnose, monitor, and treat a wide number of conditions. We utilize detailed intakes, blood work and imaging to diagnose and monitor patients. Treatments for conditions could include supplements, herbal medicine, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, lifestyle coaching, and referrals to specialists.


Lumos Medical Center is very much a practice for the whole family. We see and treat all walks of life, including newborn babies. Bring the whole family in for care that is comprehensive, individualized and in a comfortable atmosphere.


Office visits are patient focused for a detailed, individualized approach. Each visit is 100% with the doctor with enough time for proper explanations and answering of any questions. The sole role of the practitioner is to get to know your concerns and history well enough to come up with an accurate diagnosis and treatment, while also giving you enough information that they fully understand the disease process and their own role in getting better.

Insurance Reimbursement

Lumos Medical Center knows that healthcare is expensive. For this reason, we offer superbills for reimbursement from health insurance companies and keep cash pay prices at a reasonable rate allowing you to continue to get quality care without breaking the bank.

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