At Lumos Medical Center we have only one thing in mind, help you achieve your health goals. We focus on listening, educating, and coming up with a treatment plan together.

Why choose Lumos Medical Center?

The practitioners at Lumos Medical Center have only one thing in mind, achieve your health goals.  We focus on individualized treatment plans.  Our focus is to learn as much about each patient as we can, so we can give specific healthcare.  

What to expect at your first visit

All first visits are an hour and a half with the doctor.  This gives plenty of time to get to know your concerns fully, do a comprehensive physical exam, educate on the concern, discuss possible treatment plans, and answer any questions.  The practitioners then remain accessible and present during your path to health.

Both Drs. Ren and Christy are primary care physicians.  They are capable of taking care of your health needs through modern, specialty, and traditional methods.  They can run labs, prescribe medications, and refer out to specialists on top of their additional naturopathic and Chinese medicine modalities.  

Bring the entire family

Lumos Medical Center is also the perfect place for healthcare for the entire family.  The practitioners are a husband and wife team that work well together to give complete care for parents and their children.  Drs. Ren and Christy can do the annual physicals needed to clear children for sports as well as annual exams for adults.  

We accept insurance!

Lumos Medical Center also knows that healthcare is expensive.  For this reason, they accept a wide variety of health insurance companies and keep cash pay prices at a reasonable rate allowing you to continue to get quality care without breaking the bank. 

Not sure if Naturopathic care or Acupuncture is right for you?

We are happy to schedule a FREE 15-minute phone consultation to discuss your individual needs.

Lumos Medical Center

Lumos Medical Center