We Accept Insurance!

Lumos Medical Center knows that healthcare is expensive. For this reason, we accept a wide variety of health insurance companies and keep cash pay prices at a reasonable rate allowing you to continue to get quality care without breaking the bank.

Naturopathic Care

Naturopathic medicine has all the capabilities of conventional medicine with additional benefits of high-quality individualized care, multiple treatment options, specialty tests, and a broader outlook on health.  If you are looking for discovering the true cause of your condition and ability to truly do get better, then Naturopathic Medicine is for you.  

During your first appointment, you should expect to spend an hour and a half meeting with us.  We will spend time with you discussing your concerns and ask in-depth questions about your health history and lifestyle.  These questions will help provide a holistic approach to your medical treatment.

Dr. Ren Bedell was my daughter's naturopathic doctor for over a year; he would still be her doctor today had he not moved to Oregon!  I was very impressed with Dr. Ren from the very first visit, when he took a detailed history of my daughter's health and I could see he was very knowledgeable about the issues affecting her.  This was our first foray into naturopathic medicine and we saw a lot of improvement when my daughter followed Dr. Ren's advice/guidance.  I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Bedell.

Debbie I.

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