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Water therapy spans across multiple cultures and has been around much longer than modern medicine.  Its foundation rests on water’s terrific ability to transfer temperature and the physiological effect that it has on our body.  Whether sitting in a hot tub or sitting under a freezing waterfall, hydrotherapy constantly makes our bodies stronger and this is what we utilize in our treatments.

In the simplest terms, hydrotherapy is the use of hot and cold water to cause dilation and constriction of blood vessels.  In this way, we can direct blood to and away from certain areas. For example, after an injury, ice is often placed on the area for the first day or two.  This is because ice constricts the blood, decreasing potential swelling.  Heat therapy is then typically used for more chronic pain, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the area.  There are many different types of hydrotherapy treatments available that can help you get better faster.


What is Constitutional Hydrotherapy?

Constitutional Hydrotherapy is a treatment designed to help strengthen the vital organs, facilitate detoxification, support the immune system, and to invigorate the body’s own self-healing ability.  The process involves using hot and cold towels on both the chest and back while being wrapped in wool.  The hot towels bring the blood to the area, while the cold towels give the body a challenge.  They enforce the body to increase its own body temperature, push warm blood to the area of the cold towel, and heat it up.  A TENS unit is also used to stimulate nerves of the digestive system, liver, or other organs.

This treatment can be incredibly healing and can help decrease symptoms when other therapies could not.  Schedule your appointment to see if Hydrotherapy is right for you.


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